Monday, December 29, 2008

A Cross Between Linus and Garfield

The lady describes Opie Taylor as a cross between Linus and Garfield.

Remember Linus? He was the little guy in the Charlie Brown comic strip that always had his blanket and he kicked up lots of dust.

The lady says that Opie is like Linus because he is so sweet and endearing. He still meows like a little kitten (even though he is 3 years old), his purrs are more like an emotional display and his whiskers are so cute - they curl. And, finally, Opie cannot seem to do a single thing to get his fly away hair under control - it just sticks out wherever it wants to.

And Garfield! Opie is like Garfield because he eats so much! Opie never forgets to show up at 5pm for the canned food, gobble all of his share down and wait impatiently for Shielynn and I to finish up so he can clean our plates, too. Opie will eat anything!

Stuffed Animals ~ Cute Stuff

Okay, don't tell anyone that you heard this from me! I have a reputation of a cool cat that's kinda tough to uphold you know!

The lady took out lots of things - she said it was to decorate for Christmas. Opie, Shielynn and I checked out everything that she did to change the appearance of where we live. Lights, tree, ribbons, ornaments and, stuffed animals.

The lady has had the stuffed animals out before, one Bullwinkle I've used as a pillow as he is quite comfy.

The other stuffed animal was a dog with Christmas bows and scarf. The lady put that on the guys chair, then went on her way to put other decorations around the house.

Later in the evening, she went into the living room for some reason and stopped in surprise...

Shielynn had found her own long lost stuffed animals - a little doll and a chickadee - brought both to the chair with the big dog stuffed animal, then fell asleep with her toys.

It was so cute to see. The lady called the guy over to see the babies sleeping together.

Me and My Shadow...

Shielynn has decided that the best place in all the world is right beside me doing exactly what I do. If I take a nap, she curls up beside me to take a nap. If I go to one of my people to get scratched, she follows right along. If I sleep in the guys chair, she's right there with me and if I sleep in the ladies chair, which is smaller than the guys chair - Shielynn somehow finds a way to squiggle into the chair to be right next to me.

The other day, I thought that I got away from her to get scratches from the lady...but I was mistaken, she caught on quickly and showed up to get petted, too.

What's a guy to do?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm as Free as a Bird

I’m as free as a bird
I’m as light as a feather

There’s a spring in my step
And a song in my heart

My days are filled with laughter
And joy twinkles in my eyes

I think of you Shielynn
And my heart goes pitter pat.

With all my love,

Max A. Million and Shielynn

Max A. Million with Shielynn

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Recent Antics by Max A Million

Max A Million here to let you know some of my recent antics so that you can follow along and try it in your home, too. I’ve had a reputation of being Max A Million, the finicky spoiled cat.

As Max A Million – spoiled and finicky cat, I would not, could not eat people food. People food was just awful I thought, therefore, I absolutely had to have special canned cat food with gravy. I would not, could not eat that food without gravy and if given it, I would sniff the food with disdain. My person called it my sniff of disapproval and gave a big sigh while saying "Max A Million! "

Then one day – Opie Taylor (a little orange fuzz ball) arrived. I guess he needed a home. Anyways, my person introduced us - "Max A Million, this is Opie Taylor." Of course I gave him a hiss. The little guy was brave though, he knew not to bother me but I didn’t stop him from finding the food. I have no idea where he puts all the food he eats, but he sure does eat a lot and that’s how Spoiled Finicky Max A Million learned a lesson.

Opie Taylor is not finicky. He ate cat food, special cat food and, surprisingly enough, PEOPLE food, too. At first I gave that whipper snapper the Max A Million Sniff of Disapproval in an attempt to teach Opie that it just wasn’t right. Then I told my pen pal Punky – he said that the kitten that lives with him eats people food, too…and that he tried it!!!

Now I’ve changed my ways. I decided to sniff and find out what people are eating and in doing so, found out that some of that food is delicious! I’ve tried peanut butter, potato chips, chicken, beef, fish, cheese and more. So, now I’m Totally Spoiled Max A Million that’s not so finicky anymore.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Did you know that scratches can be veeeeeery nice when you have a short hair cut? I seem to forget how good it feels to get a good scratching when my hair grows long in the cooler months, then I find out all over again when I get the buzz cut in the summer time.

I must admit, my lady is very good about giving me the scratches that I need. She scratched me so good the other day that I stood stunned for a few minutes afterwards!

Amazing that something so simple can feel so good.

Anyways, I have decided that I should undergo the awful 'torture' to get my fur buzzed off, nails trimmed and [yuck] have a bath because life is so much better with a crew cut.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

My New 'Do

mr max a million lion cut
Hey, Max A. Million here. You wouldn't believe what happened today.
My person has been telling me that it was time for my summer
haircut, but I didn't pay too much attention - I had other things on my
mind like cat naps, eating the delicious food she gives me and getting
petted. Well, early this afternnon I heard a familiar voice and
BOY, did I ever recognize it! I tried to run and hide, but my
person caught me and off I went for an experience that I really

First I had this buzz thing scrape off my hair. It was so loud and
boy, try hearing it with cat ears, people just don't realize how awful
the noise really is. Anyways, I had to endure getting my hair
buzzed off with that thing. Finally, it was over and I thought
thank goodness, we're done, now I can go back home.


The groomer person got out clippers! Yikes! So, I had
to have my claws clipped. Then it was getting the hair trimmed on
my foot pads. So, I endured it - after all, it wasn't nearly as bad as
the buzzing clippers.

Now I was ready to go back home.

Did that groomer person let me? NOOOOO.

I got plunked in a tub of water, lathered and rinsed. Ohhh YUCK.

Finally, finally, the groomer person stopped the water torture. I
got a chance to shake off, then he had the nerve to turn on this blower
thing - of course it made noise.

To tell you the truth, I would have given the whole ordeal one big
sniff of disapproval except for the fact that I got my person to
scratch me when I finally got back home and you know what? I
could feel my person petting me! It was just amazing.

I like the short hair cut, but not the ordeal to get it. Do you
have any suggestions on how to keep my hair short without the help of
that groomer?

Here's my new "do".